How it works

Eat a Rainbow Foundation helps vulnerable families by producing and delivering a range of nourishing meals.  The meals are packed full of nature’s rainbow foods and made in collaboration with nutritionists. 

Fresh ingredients, locally sourced 

Fresh ingredients are sourced locally, with the ready-made meals being delivered frozen to partner charities in environmentally friendly packaging. Our partner charities identify the families and tamariki that are in need and contact us directly to arrange a delivery.

Who we help support

Meals are provided to vulnerable families, such as carers supporting tamariki undergoing cancer treatment, families requiring emergency housing or those admitted to children’s wards outside of meal hours. It is hoped that the ready-made nutritious meals help in some way to alleviate the challenge they face.

The meals and portions

The food packs contain between 10 – 20 meals, with sizes depending on the number of family members and freezer capacity. They are ready-made, which makes them easy for families that might have limited cooking facilities.

Quality and variety

The types of meals provided ranges from Bangers and Mash, Beef Lasagna and Mac Cheese, to Fish Pie, Chicken Curry and Cottage Pie – all packed with vegetables and quality meat cuts.

We rely on donations. 

Eat a Rainbow Foundation relies on donations from the community in order to provide free food packages to vulnerable families.

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